Your equity data is extremely sensitive.

We secure it accordingly.

Slice puts security and privacy first.

Our founding team has extensive cybersecurity and legal experience. We understand how sensitive and important equity-related data is. We know that security needs to be airtight and understand the implications of any breach or leak. We built Slice to provide a global equity management solution that is fully secured at the highest standards.


We comply with global data protection and security standards.

SOC 2 Type 2 & ISO 27001 Certified

Slice regularly undergoes external security penetration tests by reputable third-party vendors. To access our most recent report, please contact us at

Penetration Tests

Slice regularly undergoes external security penetration tests by reputable third-party vendors. To access our most recent report, please contact us at

Security Features

We built Slice with Enterprise-grade security features.

Secure Infrastructure

Slice is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). GCP data centers are monitored by 24×7 security, biometric scanning, and video surveillance and are SOC 2 and SOC 3 certified.

Single Sign-On

Slice provides you with the option to use Single Sign-on (SSO) for access control to our platform. This allows your organization to control login to the system and keep access secure.

Data Encryption

Slice uses the latest and most advanced encryption at rest and in transit. All data in transit is encrypted using TLS. Data at rest is encrypted using AES-256.

Development Lifecycle

We build with a tight secure development lifecycle.

Threat Modeling and Risk Assessment

Before development, we identify threats and vulnerabilities through threat modeling and risk assessments. This guides resource allocation and helps us prioritize security measures to safeguard our security page effectively.

Secure Coding Practices and Regular Security Reviews

Adhering to secure coding practices, we prevent common vulnerabilities. Regular security reviews and testing ensure early detection and mitigation of security weaknesses, making our security page resilient against emerging threats.

Continuous Monitoring and Incident Response

We establish continuous monitoring and incident response mechanisms to detect and respond to security incidents promptly. Real-time monitoring and post-incident reviews strengthen our ability to protect our security page and maintain user trust.

Security Starts
with People

We put our employees to the highest security standards.

Onboarding and Offboarding Process

Before onboarding starts, every new hire and contractor in Slice passes a thorough background check. They must attend an annual security training and work from secure devices only. When offboarding, we instantly disable departing employee’s devices, apps, and access to any of our internal systems.

Security Experience

The Slice team includes security experts with an extensive cybersecurity background. They have been dealing with the most advanced related threats and technologies for over a decade. These experts are sharing their knowledge and training the rest of the team regularly through classes, phishing awareness tests, and by sending updates regularly.

Office Security

We manage physical access to our office according to the SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 standard. This includes video surveillance, a visitor log, and additional physical security systems.

Security Policies

Slice maintains a set of comprehensive security policies that are kept up to date to meet the ever-changing security environment. These policies are made available to all employees during onboarding and regular training. They’re also available internally through the company’s internal systems.

Named Access

Slice provides its R&D employees access to your data only upon your authorization. Access is audited and logged.

Additional Questions & Feedback

We welcome ongoing feedback to continuously improve our security posture.  Please see reach out to as needed.

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